The simple war style gameplay is good but the actual game....

User Rating: 5.5 | Breach X360
is not that good at all, you really dont even need to buy it to see the truth for yourself. Get the trial which gives u half hour to test it. I love how the game is like counter strike n call of duty in certain ways but the major problems that turn this simple, nicely designed and what should b freakin awesome basic war mp shooter is the fact that theres major lag issues here n there, connection is poorly designed. Theres no dedicated servers, graphics are decent could b better but okay, player moves sluggish thats the first thing i said that was bad about the game. Oh ya i love the destruction, its like battlefield on that level, u can shoot an rpg at a bridge, goodbye bridge which changes the level then, shoot at a sniper outpost/house with an rpg goodbye building n goodbye sniper uve been sniped by an rpg LOL these are some cool new things. but overall dont buy, save your money for Section 8 : Prejudice which will b the halo shooter style mp online game for the Arcade. That will blow this, blacklight away and be the next good shooter which is currently STILL HELD BY Battlefield 1943