The gameplay is what makes Bravely Default.

User Rating: 6 | Bravely Default 3DS

This is the perfect game to write a review with the Pro's & Con's format because there is a number of good and bad features to this game. Bravely Default is a classic-style RPG in the veins of old Final Fantasy games. You have classes, weapons, gear, magic, items and four characters in your party to customize how you like.

Pros: Classic-Style RPG elements. Battles are the best part in the game they keep a tough challenge and are fun to really play out. Bosses provide even greater strategy to defeat. The open-world formula works well just like in classic Final Fantasy. Towns, Shops and Inn's are all present in Bravely Default. The 3D effects work great and the visuals are really good. Different armor and gear all reflect how your character looks when exploring. Once again, the battles are the highlight of this RPG.

Cons: OMFG!! The endless amounts of backtracking almost made me quit at one point. At one point in the game you are literally just going back and forth to different towns reading some dialogue before going to the next area and doing the same exact thing until eventually they steer you on your way to finally go do some battles. You also have to fight the same bosses about four to five times and it will make you bored and insande at the same time. The level designs are all pretty much the same, bland and boring. I have to admit, I skipped almost every cut scene in Bravely Default. The story is so basic and the dialogue was mixed with some filler cut scenes you never know if you were getting the filler or actual story. You have to collect four crystals to save the world.. haven't seen that before. Did I mention the backtracking?!?!?!??! AHHHHHH