An amazing and innovative game that I've played several times already.

User Rating: 8.5 | Brave Fencer Musashiden PS
Musashi was one of my first games on Playstation 1, and I loved it right away. Why? This game is just pure fun, from start to finish.

While it may seem dated by today's standards, the graphics were quite good for its time, and are relatively unimportant to the overall game.

I would classify this game as an action RPG, but the RPG elements are not as deep as i would have liked. I love an RPG with great customization and choices. While this game delivers some amount of that, its not huge. Its also worth mentioning that the character development is pretty cool though, with some interesting systems that combine classic level ups with some original content.

The gameplay itself is quite fun. It plays kinda like a combination between a Zelda game and some classic hack n' slash. Their are a variety of cool combat move you learn throught you're journey as well which are fun to play around with.

This game also features an interesting but very linear story. There are some suprising twists along the way, however, which keep it fresh. The story is also quite funny at points, but at times, it can seem like it is trying too hard.

One bad thing about this game is that it is quite difficult, overly difficult i found. I was so frustrated at points that i couldnt get past that i would quit for times before being drawn back to the game.

Despite this, there are also some interesting side-quests which make the game worth playing, and replaying for that matter.

Overall, this game was just really fun. With some minor quirks and difficulty issues, this was still one of my all-time favorite games that i have played many times over.