Short, but sweet.

User Rating: 8 | Brain Dead 13 PS
Okay, as most of us have already explained, the initial replay value isn't all that high, but it's a classic game for some of us old school gamers. Heck, I'd like to see this available in the PS Store. I'd spend a few bucks to have this old-school interactive adventure game - especially if it were re-rendered for the PS3! That probably won't happen, though, since this underdog of a game never made the PS1 classic title list. Popularity of BD13 was for the majority on the PC platform. If you have a copy of this game, lucky for you. If not, you have probably thought about it once in a while and wished you did have a copy (like me). The craving to play it again does arise after a long while, even if you have mastered the game. If it's played once every couple years, it's still there for a bit of amusing gaming entertainment. Save the classics! Keep their names alive! Brain Dead 13 shouldn't be forgotten!