NIntendo some how makes the same crap they make you do at school fun in a very wierd way.

User Rating: 7 | Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! DS
Here I am, in my room. I Must break my record!!! Oh no! I SO messed up!!! Then I realize....... I'm freaking out over math problems.
Bain Age is game where you proggress through things that usually activate your prefrontal cortex as the science Brain Age man says. Somehow, doing math problems and thinking is fun.
The gameplay is quite entertaining, from reading, writing, and 'rithmitic, you slowly proggress toward the amazing fealing you get when you reach a brain age of 20. I, unfortunatly, have never expierienced this, for i have a brain age of 51 at the moment. If you consider getting a brain age of 20 beating the game, then you have quite a challenge ahead of you.
The menu music is nice, but it really doesnt matter for this game.
Overall, the game is worth the cheap price and is surprisingly fun. I'd definatly reccomend buying this game.