dont listen to the reviewers this game was amazing.

i loved it so much and im currently playing throught the story again. the gameplay is great. the graphics are a little wacky but hey, with all that stuff, the ps2 can only handle so much. youve gotta be a little forgiving. i would reccomend this game to any and all dbz fans looking for a good dbz game. especially those tho have never played one. this is a great start. it may not be the greatest game out there, but im sure that its the best dbz game to date. there will be room for improvement on the graphics and size of arenas in time. once there is a tenkaichi game made for the next generation consols with all of their FULL power used, not halfassed, there will be one kickass dbz game. and this is a good way to get used to this type of dbz game. my point in all this being that this game is PURE AWESOME!!!!!

thank you