No substance.

'State of Emergency' seems like a good game when seen in screenshots and even videos. When I played it, however, it was a total letdown.

Any game with the Rockstar logo can't be expected to have the cleanest-looking graphics, but they should still be acceptable. The graphics in 'SoE' are far too clunky and the character models are unimpressive. The rioters' buildup, although quirky and a bit comical, seem ill and uninspired. The locales and buildings are ok, but nothing special.

Although the rioters' yelling, and the sound of the weaponry is good, the music is not good at all. Sure, it can be turned off, but any game that needs to have its music turned off clearly shows that its sound is weak.

The gameplay is actually quite good. The inclusion of bonus modes is a plus. And the idea behind the finished product is excellent. I just wish the developers would have spent a little more time to make this game as great as it could have been.