The best Dragonball universed game ever!

This game has to be the best DBZ/DBGT game ever made!


As with most fighting games,it's all about the gameplay and this game is no exception.This game does a great job at making you feel like a DBZ or DBGT warrior as you blast people with waves of energy that comes out of your hands or just beating the absolute crap out of someone by doing a 50 hit combo with a finishing blow that sends them crashing through a tree and then a mountain!By the way,expect the enemy to do that alot too if it's set on hard or even normal mode!


Not the absolute best graphics around,but i'm not saying there even near bad!The graphics of the characters look good and the levels have a nice outdoorsy feel to them,but not for long if you know what i mean!Anyway,the graphics are clean and crisp,but don't expect anything revolutionary!


Not a huge accomplishment with the sound in this game,just the sounds of punches,kicks,blasts and crashes,so there really isn't anything bad,but nothing good enough to make you feel like your in the game.


With tons of unlockable characters and items,this game should last an incredibly long time!Over 40 characters,about 50+ items and some great times that will always leave you wanting to play more and more!

Reviewer's Tilt

I really liked this game and i didn't really find anything wrong with this game,so go out and get yourself a copy of the best Dragonball game around!