Gears of War 2, greatest XBOX title since Halo.

When I play this game, a rush just comes through, and then, it's total chaos. Gun shots, chainsaws, and screams of B. Carmine. It's action packed, and the correctly difficult Campaign Mode defines what a true Campaign should be. Blood and Gore? You got it. One head shot, and, boom! Blood just squirts out of the enemy's head.

And you can bet, that the Multi-Player is just tremendous. The matchmaking system is kinda like Halo 3's and the Horde can keep you playing for hours with your friends. This game IS the greatest I've played on the XBOX 360 since Halo 3. Just a masterpiece.

The Lancer, just perfect. Master Cheif and Marcus Fenix are the true XBOX 360 emblems, this game just certainly is perfect in my eyes. The matchmaking system can make you wait a long time, but you have your friends playing, you can just do a private match. So, if you're thinking of picking this game up, GET IT.