Fun and keeps your brain active

User Rating: 8.8 | Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! DS
In brain age you do special puzzles that train your mind. How good you are at solving these puzzles quickly and efficeintly will give you your brain age with 20 years as the highest possible score. While this may sound like homewok it is very addicting and i can't put my ds down. The simple excersies are entertaining though ti doubt that they train you that much. While mosst of the games work well some of the games have technical difficulties like when you have to write words that appear on scren and the ds keps thinking my "T" is an "X" that really pissed me off. Or when saying the color of the words displayed onscreen the microphone doesnt understand me that can be annoying as well. Overall brain age is a great game and should definitely at least be played by everyone who thinks that this game is too much like homework.

Graphics: Pretty good for the ds

SOUND: Not bad just kinda background music i actually don't remember what it is :(

VALUE: High so you can become smarter