Addicting and Easy to Learn. Good variation will make sure that each player will both master some and be challenged.

User Rating: 8.6 | Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! DS
As every major review has said, this is not a game in the true sense of the word. At the core of this pak is the goal of getting players to score a low (low is good) “brain age” based on the same concept of working out your body daily to be in better physical shape. None of the activities are so complex that players would not understand them. Because the range of activities is broad (from reading and counting to various math activities and memory challenges) each player will be able to quickly master some of the mini-games and will find others quite challenging. Also, if the activities still are too easy, players are eventually granted “hard” mode.

The Daily Training, which has the most options to play (and will only record your score for each activity once per day), won’t actually bring your brain age down over time, but doing a few activities each day over time is supposed to get your brain in shape, which then in turn should help you get your brain age down, done through a separate 3-part activity that again you can only do (or rather record) once a day at most.

This is the type of game-pak that no review can do justice to. Every review I have read and all the people talking about it couldn’t shake the feeling in my head that it would get old very fast and there isn’t enough “game” to the pak. However, I am not among the throngs of people completely addicted to beating my previous days scores on each game, not to mention making sure the other people with saved games on my card (up to 4) don’t get their names above me as you can compare graphs and high scores at any time.

If nothing else, there are scores of Sodoku puzzles that alone will be worth the budget price. Whether the game makes you smarter or at the very least makes you better able to tackle very easy activities very fast very many times, it is catching on for a reason and is certainly a fresh approach to some of the very repetitive games out there.