Good stuff...if you like prtable schools.

User Rating: 6 | Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! DS
Even though from my review deck it would seem like I don't like the game, I did, a lot. It challenges your brain with some fun and addictive games. But just like the reason I didn't like AC:WW, it became a chore, or more like a second school. You have to go everyday, but it doesnt force you. But if you don't the floating head dude sure does make you feel guilty. There are some problems when picking up your voice or recognizing your handwriting. Like in the color game, it has a lot of trouble picking up the word "blue" and I found most of the mistakes I've made in the games like calulations and so on were due to it think i worte a different number. After a while the only reason I kept the game was Sudoku, but I found out something, you can get those puzzles anywhere. So if you like school you'll like this game.