I CAN'T stop playing!!!

User Rating: 8.9 | Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! DS
When I first got this game, I had heard that it was fun. But I had no idea it would be SOOOOO addictive!!! The game basically has a couple of different sections. One section tests your "Brain Age" as defined by the game. The other is for playing against other people. And the last is different brain exercises. You have exercises that use voice, and then exercises that use the stylus. There are basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and divinsion exercises. There is head count, where you have to count how many people are left in a house while some enter and some exit the house. There is a syllable count where you have to count the syllables within a number of sentences. There is a basic reading exercise. There is an Analog clock exercise where you have to figure out how many hours difference between the two clocks. There is a vocal exercise where you have to shout the colors as fast you as you can. And a couple more exercises. EACH being very fun. I found myself literally playing this game for an hour or two everyday for about a month or two.. It's highly addictive and well worth the 19.99 price tag. So I highly recommend it.