This game will break you.

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The first Brain Age that came out last year was a fun, innovative, and educational game. Woah? Fun and Educational in the same sentence? Yeah, believe it.

So after the mass success the first Brain Age recieved here in the US, it was a no brainer they were going to make a 2nd part to Brain Age. So if you're like me, you will agree that the first Brain Age was a tad on the easy side. Saying colors, doing math, some sudoku puzzles, and hey your smarter than you think. It was not hard getting a Brain Age score of "20" in a couple of days.
Brain Age 2? This game will break you.

Your first training excersize will have 2 options. Can you Speak? or Cannot Speak? If you can Speak out loud, you are challenged to a game of Rock Paper Scissors. Only you have to yell out your answer if the Dr. wants you to Win, or Lose. Yelling out colors? sure why not. Yelling out Rock Paper Scissors? Big WTF?! The mini- game is long with 40-50 questions.
the Can't speak portion has 3 tests for you. Number Memory, which is kind of like Word Memory in the first one, then theres another minigame that i can't recall the name of right now, but it has you do math problems with a number being constantly scratched off. The third is kind of the same, but you are always subtracting that same number. You better know your times tables at least before attempting this game.

Of course, all of those mini-games can be played under the "Daily Training" tab, and Other minigames include watching a race with stick people and guessing what place they ranked (its easier said than done), playing the Piano in a sort of "rythym game"-esque game, and a bunch more.

And of course, what would be a Brain Age game without Sudoku?

Brain Age 2 is not puddy-footing around, its going to make you learn, and at the same time the mini-games are still fun as hell. This time around is no cake-walk in the park and thats what makes the game so challenging, and makes the game totally worth it. Certianly a game to buy if you liked the first Brain Age.