Great game but depends on what you like

User Rating: 9 | Braid PS3
Let me start by saying Braid is not for everyone it is a highly addicting puzzling masterpiece but at the same time you will likely get frustrated and possible want to through your controller at the screen. The main story to put it simply is about your character Tim who strives to change the past, which coheres nicely with the time mechanics. He wants to rescue his princess and will do anything to get her back.

The game consists of six worlds with the first one not really being a world but a means of showing you the basics. Each of the five other worlds has the same basic time mechanics reversing and fast forwarding time. Then there are the time mechanics only available to those worlds like time moving with your ever movement or creating shadows of your self after reversing time that will mimic your former actions, these are just some of the many different varieties of time manipulation. I found that every puzzle especially the hard ones were very satisfying to solve and gave me a sense of accomplishment. While braid is a captivating platform puzzle game the other features in the game will pull you in even more with its subtle yet spectacular visuals that are then coupled with serene music that carry through and vary with each level. As far as how long the game is depends on how well you can solve puzzles it can range from half an hour to 10 hours, but that's if you try to find the hidden stars scattered through the game, that's all I say about that. As a final thought I think Braid is a very original game and gave a new take on platform games with mechanics never seen before, I would highly recommend Braid to puzzle aficionados.