Simply brilliant

User Rating: 9.5 | Braid PS3
I think casual gamers could have a very difficult time with some of the puzzles. Some of the puzzles were frustrating as not all of the gameplay interactions are explicitly taught to you. For some I had to blindly mess around until a revelation was made, rather than be able to think my way through it right away.

No puzzle was uncrackable however and after revisiting hard ones over a few days I was able to solve them all. When you do finally solve a puzzle it is very satisfying and a real sense of accomplishment.

While I appreciated the visual art of the game immediately, I was too focused on the puzzles to truly appreciate what I was experiencing during most of my play-through. Only after finishing the last sequences and looking back on the game did I realize just how brilliant the game was. This is as much a work of philosophy or art as it is a video game. A true masterpiece.