One of the best games I have played this year.

User Rating: 9 | Braid X360
Braid is hard. Let's get it out there and if you don't like thinking while you play, this game isn't for you. That being said; if you like a challenge, Braid is a great game. This is probably one of the more difficult games I have played and my girlfriend (whom isn't a gamer but really began to appreciate this and enjoyed it) and I spent hours playing through the game and attempting to beat all the puzzles.

The levels are brilliantly designed and beautifully colored and drawn. Although Braid doesn't have much for high tech sound effects I found myself turning up the stereo to hear the music which is great. As the game progressed through the levels I continued to get more and more excited for the new ability that would be introduced. Each one follows something to do with being able to reverse time and makes you think about how you are going to get that key forward in time when you have to move it backwards in time. After spending 15 or 30 minutes attempting to get a puzzle piece you feel completely satisfied after you obtain it.

The story in Braid is well written and very nice addition to the amazing game play. However it really could have done well without it. I skipped most of the books but went back and read them afterwards and it was all the more satisfying so don't cheap out on that.

All in all, Braid is an excellently put together game, the levels are vibrant and fun, the puzzles are definitely a challenge and the story and music bring it together for a game that you can play over and over again. I think it was very well worth the 1200 points although it might be pretty steep for some. I would recommend downloading this game and playing it as soon as you can.