a smart platformer for those who arent afraid to use there brain.

User Rating: 10 | Braid X360
okay, you played mario right? well, have you also played prince of persia? okay, and how about a puzzle game? comnine all 3 of these games and thats as close as you will get to braid, this game is a very emagitive game, obviously not going too far from classic platformers, but far enough to make it unique and fun to play every time, the graphics and the music is absalutly gorgous, the story line is mature and the game is full of hints from mario like the princess is in another castle or the jump man stage (both featured in the demo so there is no spoilers) some of the puzzles will take you a while to figure out, while others are so simple that a baby could solve them, it has a good mix of hard and easy to keep you from being too frusterated.

if you want to see the end of the game you have to get absalutly every single puzzle peice, for each puzzle you finish you get an extra ladder that leads to the last stage.

graphics 10
gameplay 10
music 10
sound 10

over all score 10

this is the best game on xbox live arcade.