User Rating: 10 | Braid X360
Xbox Live Arcade needs more games like Braid. Heck, gaming on all platforms needs more titles like this. Imaginative, innovative, and engrossing, Braid is a spectacular achievement. If only the experience lasted a little longer and there weren't as many puzzles with singular solutions. Despite its short length and robust pricing ($15), Braid is definitely worth downloading. There are a myriad of wrinkles aside from the alterations to Tim's time manipulation powers. Anything glowing green is not affected by Tim's time powers. A green key, for example, will remain in Tim's hands once he picks it up, even if he rewinds time. And a green door will remain unlocked even if you rewind time.

The world plays out like a twisted fairy tale and even the hub world feels like a piece of a larger puzzle. n+ has nothing on this game i dont believe anything on xbla can even come close to matching the intricate puzzles in this amazing game.