User Rating: 10 | Borderlands X360
Well...where do I start? I played this game for maybe 10 minutes and immediately was hooked! The game's awesome combat, who doesn't like heads exploding and bodies flying everywhere and also splattering grunts to bits,:) and amazing amount of guns leads it to be one or the best shooter out there... Most definitely the best RPG though. The game has numerous quests, weapons, level cap is fun and great design, and all the mods for weapons, characters, and grenades are sweet too. I reserved this game with a little ehhh.... feeling, but after playing this game I was astonished by all the uniqueness to the game-the graphics are cartoony, kind of like team fortress 2 but more original. I recommend that any of you go out and buy this game, or rent, then you'll probably go and buy it, but I will tell you this either way you will not be disapointed!:)