This RPS (role-playing shooter) brims with thousands of different guns, intriguing visuals, and epic glitches.

User Rating: 9.5 | Borderlands X360
Borderlands is one-of-a-kind experience with its own unique take on the shoot 'em up side of gaming. The graphics engine in this game has truly given everything in this game a quarky but immersive art style of both 2D sharpy drawings and 3D realism. Don't think that this is supposed to be cartoony though because this game's an absolute blood bath covered with people's heads exploding with electricity or burn into thin air with acid and fire. What surprises people the most in this game probably aren't the trippy graphics but instead the amount of guns you can find in this game. There're thousands of different guns you can find in this game so expect to be doing a lot customizing and selling with your guns because you'll find thousands of them in the diverse and seemingly endless world of Borderlands. You can choose between 4 different classes of people in the beginning of the game so choose wisely because you're stuck with that character for the rest of the game. I often times think of Skyrim when describing this game since there's so much in the way of content, it is an RPG and it was made by Bethesda Studios as well but the dividing line between the two is comprised of a few different things besides lots of blood and quarky graphics. The first thing is that this game has much more humor and a very dark humor to boot. Death seems to be synonymous with the comedy in this game and there is a lot of death. Another key factor is that this game takes place in the future so when you aren't fighting off hordes of alien creatures you'll shooting people wearing ski masks running around like maniacs kind of like another certain famous maniac who ran around wearing a ski mask trying to also kill you in the most gruesome way possible. So its basically you against an army of Friday the 13th enthusiasts and some mutated puppies passed off as aliens. Your goal in this game is to kill almost everyone since a sane person is a rarity in this game in order to find The Vault which is supposed to be some treasure trove of magic and wonder which SPOILER ALERT: you never actually get to see. Bosses are also insane but are even more ridiculous looking and can be quite a bit more challenging. Music sets the tone really well and the art for everything is very detailed. But a game this good does have its own flaws because you can't have a complete Bethesda Studios game unless it has glitches a plenty and WOW does this have huge glitches. There are a few minor glitches here and there in the main campaign of this game but the online mode is glitched really bad. I found a glitch in this game that took away over a billion dollars from me and another glitch that doubled all of my experience and yet another glitch which doubled all of my skill points. For glitches this huge to exist in the game definitely will reduce the score of an otherwise awesome game.