User Rating: 9 | Borderlands X360
What is borderlands.....wait don't you already know.....well guess not as you read my review.Well to begin with it's the co-op essentation that took the world by storm.It had been a while since any good co-op first person shooter had been released.So when borderlands got released it was almost as if the genre was completely been forgotten,for most borderlands was a good change from the usually mw2 which was the current hype of that time.If your wondering why i am reviewing this game 3-years after it got released is because borderlands 2 is going to come out soon and it's going to be very similar to it's predecessor.Borderlands has a great co-op multiplayer.But this game can be enjoyed both singleplayer and online.But playing this game online really makes it much more fun.Might even be the best co-op first person shooter out there for the xbox 360 and the ps3........