A game every one should try once

User Rating: 7 | Borderlands X360
borderlands is a game that everyone should try the guns are probly one the most intresting things i have ever seen in a game they look cool and they do the most intresting things. and the enemies in the game are very intresting to play with the thought that got put in to them are great i love what they yell i just wish there way harder, first time i played this game was the 26 march 2012 that night i found a hacker i had a invincible sheild the games should be harder to hack then that i wasent really impressed with that. the missions in the game get repetitive very fast. its almost to repetitive. the characters u can pick in the game siren her abilitys are impressive ivisibilty. the soilder is the one i used the most his abilitys are turrets very intresting. the bresker is litterly a walking tank at all times. the hunter has a bird thats it. they could have done more to the characters u could have pick . i rate it a twenty dollar buy for sure.