WTFFFFF Ending Boss 1 hit KO?

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So I was doing my first playthru of the campeign and i was in a 4 person co-op game with 3 ppl i didn't know. one of wich was about 20 lvl's higher than me and the rest of us. The higher lvl guy kept joing my game after kicking him and all he would do is run thru the levels and try to open the next door. So before I knew it we were were at the vault and i was thinking w/e he'll help with the final boss so i stopped booting him. So when the battle started before I could aim my scope he took the thing out in 1 hit! I was like wtf is going on here... Then on top of that there was no loot to speak of. Did I get bent over here?

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You seriously ask that? Of course, sounds pretty much like the classic hacker / cheater.

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Total pantsdownisation! Like the way you told it, very witty. :)