Question about comparing items

#1 Posted by Dr-Strangelove (805 posts) -

I have two Mercenary Class Mods both level 34, one is purple and one is blue. Having trouble which is the better bonus. Btw I'm playing Lilith and using an SMG, Quicksilver and High Velocity skills.

Mercenary Class Mod:

+36% SMG Damage

+4Quicksilver Skill

+3 High Velocity Skill

+3 Girl Power Skill

Valued at $54,215

Mercenary Class Mod:

+48% SMG Damage

+3 Quicksilver Skill

Valued at $70,279

I've never seen a blue that is superior to an equal level purple before. Am I right in that or am I imagining things?

#2 Posted by Rivboets7 (21 posts) -

I would use theblue one because it has a higher SMG percent.

#3 Posted by insane_metalist (6872 posts) -

Just because it's purple doesn't mean it's better. I'd go with blue because of the damage. But you didn't state the accuracy and fire rate which matters a lot.