DLC and scaling

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I got  a serious question about the DLC

I just recently got the expansion for Borderlands on the pc and when i got to jacobs cove, i was a level 6 and it looks like all the enemies start off with level 10's and above, so i was just wondering, does these add ons  scale with your progress?

I would like to know what happens when i reach say level 24 in the main game and then go back and visit zombie island, does the  enemies still start off at level 10's?, because that will make playing this part way too easy

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it does no scale, its like the rest of the game. It gives you a recommended level to be to do the missions. It recommends being level 34 to finish of that dlc final mission though and the zombies can still be a problem in large numbers. 

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  • Minimum Level Requirement: 10. Enemies scale according to character's current story progress in playthrough 1, 2, and 2.5. Enemies scale up to a level of 69 (except for some defilers in the second playthrough reaching level 70).


PS - just an FYI that site WILL contain spoilers so please be aware of that. I don't think that article has any really, but other places will if you go digging.