Makes Borderlands 1 seem like a Beta!

User Rating: 10 | Borderlands 2 X360
Borderlands 1 seemed like the best thing to hit the shooter world since CoD Modern Warfare's standard changing multiplayer. It incorporated intense gun battles utilizing the seemingly endless supply of exotic weaponry with Diablo like character progression. The only thing that seemed to be left out was a definitive plot, but hey they filled the story gaps with insanely amusing humor. And then I put Borderlands 2 in around 12:20am after waiting outside my local GameStop during the Midnight release. All I could say was "WOW". Borderlands 2 makes the original seem like a Beta. It has improved every aspect of the original tenfold. Sure same shading style, tons of guns, tons of bad guys to blast to smithereens, and of course that humor which helped to hold the original together, but… The scenery is more diverse, the characters more "BAD ASS", and guess what? THERE IS A STORY! So let me break down my favorite improvements. A Lively Pandora. Borderlands 1 made Pandora feel very….DEAD. There was very little interaction outside of the handful of characters involved in side quests. Even the playable characters were lacking overall in the personality department. Now in Borderlands 2 everything seems so much more ALIVE, from the varying landscapes, to the drunken NPCs wandering the streets of Sanctuary you feel like Pandora might actually be an inhabited place. This helps to considerably increase interest in the events that make up both the main story, and the witty side quests. A Real Story. Borderlands two wastes no time introducing you to Handsome Jack, the rich boy villain. You become part of the resistance, and every mission has you trying to thwart his plans of not only harnessing the power in another vault, but also orchestrating your untimely demise. You actually feel like all the killing and looting that you will be doing throughout Borderlands 2 is for a cause. Bad Ass Ranking. A new feature in Borderlands 2 is the Bad Ass Ranking System. As you complete various challenges in game, you will be awarded Bad Ass ranks and coins. The coins can be spent on enhancements that boost things like melee damage, accuracy, max health, and reload speed. These boosts will follow you through all replays, and even if you switch character. It's a nice bonus on top of the XP points you will get while completing the challenges. Overall Borderlands 2 has met, and exceeded all of my expectations for this sequel. It is a fantastic game that will provide you with limitless entertainment. If you are a fan of RPGs, shooters, or looters this is a must have for your collection.