Boarderlands 2 is Amazing in every way!!!

User Rating: 10 | Borderlands 2 X360
Boarderlands 2 is Amazing in every way!!! I loved the first and had high hopes for B2 but was still "Blown Away"! A true Masterpiece! I can't wait for all future downloads. Wish they would let you earn Golden Keys though. Golden Keys are easy to use accidentally and can not be recovered from mistake's or glitches. Still Love this Game! Graphics for the game are a big upgrade from the first but are still true to the art style that Borderlands is come to be known for. But the voice acting witch was superb in the first has reached a new level that will be the new high water mark for all games. the richness in character that colors the personality of everything that is in Borderlands is just makes you want to keep going back over and over again. a well deserved 10 out of 10! You will love this game Too!