An improvement in many ways but still suffers from lingering problems.

User Rating: 7 | Borderlands 2 X360
Audio: 8/10
Great voice acting. Good yet repetitive sound effects. Good soundtrack

Visuals: 8.5/10
A huge visual improvement from the first game. The entire game looks a lot sharper and well defined. To keep it simple, It looks very good. The only downside is the various amounts of small, but very noticeable, bugs.

Playability: 8/10
Plays exactly the same as the previous game does, Which is a good thing because as the old saying goes - If it ain't broke, Don't fix it. It's good gameplay and it didn't need fixing so why bother tweaking it?

Delivery: 3/10
The humor is there but it's not all that funny. The only real funny thing in the game is Claptrap and even he gets stale after a while. The story makes very little sense. Repetitive and boring missions. Far very missions in this game then there were in the previous one. Challenge tokens were a nice touch but the overall impact on your character skills just isn't there. So repetitive that you get sick of it after a few hours, I couldn't even play 3 hours of it when I first got it before I had to pick it down, It's that boring. Lack of good loot definently plagues you, It takes many levels and countless hours before you find a good gun in this game, There have been many times where I was 3-4 levels ahead of what my gun's current level was, It's that hard to find a real good gun in this game. It's pretty much impossible to grind for experiance in this game, The only way to gain anything is to keep advancing further and further into the game, beat it, then beat the game on the second playthrough, where enemies are at a much higher level, Even then you have to grind out a few levels after beating the game for a second time in order to get to level 50. Multiplayer is the same as the previous game (which is both good and bad).

Overall: 7/10
What kills this game is that it's so incredibly boring and repetitive. I have put well over 200 hours into the first game so I know what it's like to play a game to your wits end but this game takes the cake. I can barely stomach playing an hour of it solo, Maybe 2 if I am playing with someone else. I am real disapointed with this game.