Xbox: Want Hornet,Norfleet,Infinity got CCs,Bee,Sledge,Veruc,White death,Slagga

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I want soone to dupe a Hornet, a babymaker a Norfleet Rocket Launcher and a Infinity Pistol. I got two CC's Slag and fire, the Sledge's, The Agressive Slagga, the Withe Death, the Bee, 3 Legendary Grenade Mods, the Black Hole and the Veruc and the Gub. Everything Lvl 50.
#2 Posted by black_frost92 (23 posts) -
i have the infinity and the baby maker add me my gamertag is maric1992
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added you on xbox
#4 Posted by black_frost92 (23 posts) -

hey could u send me a message im not sure witch gamertag u are

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Saw this old post, I need a Bee, still interested in any trading or duping, I have a norfleet, a bunny and some other stuff, let me know. Thanks Gamer tag is evilking212