Xbox - Want dupes of all Heads (and skins?), Can Solo Hyperius for you in return

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Basically all in the topic, looking for anybody with the ability to duplicate any or all heads and/or skins. My friend had his Badass Ranks AND Heads/Skins reset after getting a gold account, I figure it would make him feel better to have all customizations when he plays again. Would be great if you could dupe them twice, so I can have a copy too.

The only thing I have to offer is to kill Hyperius for you, for whatever that is worth, or perhaps duping some orange guns. Not that I imagine you'd need them if you have "all" the heads, like the special edition ones, but the offer is still there.

Yes, I can Solo Hyperius (even with 3 others in my party) reliably and easily, with a Gunzerker I have. No glitches, not modded. Gear/Character 100% legit. Takes a little while, but practically guarenteed.

Please post here and message me on Xbox, I only have one internet cord in the room so I can't check both at once lol

Gamertag is "Dumbest Box"

EDIT: Just got most heads, only looking for skins. Even if you don't have skins I'm still willing to help people with Hyperius, because everybody wins with more people present.

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Recently discovered some changes that make it difficult for me to actually solo him with 3 other people, but I can still do it for 1 or 2 people at once although it will take a bit longer.