Where should I pre-order from?

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Where should I pre-order from?

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You should pre order from gamestop, you get a bunch of bonuses plus an exclusive borderlands 2 creature slaughter dome.
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No, gamestop.
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I can't say I'm too fussed about the Creature Slaughter Dome. From what I've heard the main campaign is going to be pretty long. Plenty of XP there.

Then theres the iminant future DLC to come.

The only reason I played the last Dome in Borderlands was to have  a laugh, get the final achievements so I could 100% the game, and to hear the snazzy song. I always liked the  boss round song. :)

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gamestop for the slaughter dome amazon for a $10 gift card personally I like $10
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I pre ordered from game.
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Accidentally made the same post twice.

I think the Microsoft Store is still doing their thing with the $10 coupon from the Microsoft Store as well as a free 1600 MS points. Granted I'd rather have $10 from Amazon than Microsoft Store, but the 1600 MS points is what clinched the Microsoft Store for me. Plus it still includes all the Premier Club stuff as well.

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I went with Amazon with two day shipping which is still release day shipping.

I would wait for a copy at Walmart but I don't know if they will carry it or not I mean they didn't even have Darksiders..... for PC that is...... PC games are a crap shot at retail level cause. I don't do digital cause my steam library might get erased and dowloading all of those games is a pain.

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You can get the game for 36 bucks, and it's the pre-order edition so you get the extra char. That's right, I said 36 bucks. Offer expires Sept 10th, UK time [it's a UK website]


Also, if they happen to get and discounts for even LOWER prices any time BEFORE they send out keys, just let them know and they'll refund you the difference.

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Microsoft Store does the 1600 Points and $10 MS Coupon IN LIEU OF the Premier Club stuff, so I changed my order to GameStop. It all depends on what you want. I really wanted the Golden stuff, enough to pass on $20 of MS Points. So I went GameStop since it had the Dome over Amazon and Best Buy.
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Huh? Creature Slaughter Dome? I dot see any of this anywhere on pre-ordering the game? Also will te content be with it even ifI buy it at midnight when released at at store thats open pretty much 24/7 like Tesco here in the UK or is the extra content only with pre-odrer only?
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Im sure you mean the Creature Slaughter Dome! But really im on the site right now where is this detail or info about the Dome?
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I'm looking at borderlands 2 on gamestop and  it mentions the creature slaughter dome right below the other bonuses

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Consumers who pre-order from GameStop (US), EB Games (AU/NZ) or GAME (UK) will also receive access to the Creature Slaughter Dome. Consumers can also submit their idea for the name of a gun to be included in a future add-on content pack on GameStop's Facebook Page Name This Gun!

Found this on the borderlands 2 wiki page for any who were wondering about info on the creatureslaughter dome. Really looking forwto tho Tuesday.

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Meant looking forward to Tuesday but every time I try to edit post it says post is censored, weird. 

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Hmmm well I cant find this Creature Slaughter Dome anywhere Ive put it even in seperat words of 'Creature' 'Slaughter' 'Dome' and it doesnt find any of these 3 words in that 'Edit - Find words on this page', do you mind giving me a link to this where it shows that info? and yes when you type into this it sometimes pauses which annoys me. Also to add if I buy it from gamestop and I hope your a someone who bought a few games from gamestop and not a worker there to know this, do you get this game on that day it is released or will I get it the nex day or something like that because id rather get it straight away instead of getting it on like the 22nd or after that.
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http://www.gamestop.com/ps3/games/borderlands-2/92827 here's the link. No don't work for gamestop but live about two minutes away and get most my games from there. I purchased dead island GOTY edition at best buy for 20 bucks cause it was thirty at GameStop and Walmart. So I just go where the deals and convenience are.

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My bad missed the last question. Yes you can get it the day of release as soon as store opens. Some game stops do a midnight release as well.

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Kinda didnt answer the question XD but I ment will I get it on delivery on that day? but also will the extra content be with Borderlands 2 game if I go to a shop at midnight I want the extra stuf the golden guns, relic, charcter, (hopefully) dome, etc and im not sure if it will be in with the game when I buy it at midnight,cause its making me think of Darksiders 2 when you preordered that you got a certain armor or weapon depending where you preorder it from and when I bought that from the store I didnt get like extra armor or weapons all I got was the Arguls Tomb and ive noticed a few other games like this Max Payne 3 also, I doubt you know if this will be the same for this game if I dont pre-order it which is annoyin me >.< I want it straight away at 12am hich I can buy it but the problem is this xtra content will it be with it or not thats my only problem dam who ever thought about giving out extras for only preorders!
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Well I've only had  one preorder online and that was arkham city from Walmart. It came a day early so I know that's not the norm, but from what I've seen you should get the game on release date.  preordered a few times and have always gotten the bonuses promised. if  you order online I think they email the bonus codes to you, which can take up to two days. When you pick up from gamestop the codes are on the receipt.   

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Well tha sucks on the two day wait thing.. but still not sure what I should do wait til its released to hope either the extra content is with it the day its released or preorder it >.< hink I should go to Tesco preorder anyway and pick it up at 12am
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Balls >.< I cant do what I posted before they will send it to me by delivery which means probably highly the extra content does not come with the game when released when you want to get it at 12am at a store bugger >.
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Urgh to people who want to know this yes you get the Premiere club cotent even if uou buy it from a shop at midnight damn pre order crap bullshift lies.