Vladof Blaster Query

#1 Posted by junkbird (64 posts) -

Just hit level 50 with my Siren and got a Vladof Blaster, maybe 9500 damage 56 clip, 2 rounds per shot, slag, 10.3 fire rate. Around there. Not in front of my 360 at the moment. So, this seems like a pretty solid gun to me, no? Is there some huge drawback of this weapon type that I'm missing? Especially with my Bee, it seem like the high rate of fire is a great mix.

#2 Posted by JerseyGinger (1 posts) -
No, there really isn't any drawback to the blaster. High fire-rate, high damage, great accuracy, and very little recoil. Honestly, you're lucky to have gotten one! I spent like 2 hours farming just to get a bad one. Nice grab!