Shredifer Trade/Dupe Help!

#1 Posted by LincOfHyrule (3 posts) -
Can anyone please help me find/trade/dupe a Shredifier? Please and thank you!!
#2 Posted by Quick-Silver89 (25 posts) -

what system are you on?

#3 Posted by LincOfHyrule (3 posts) -
Oh, sorry! I'm on the Xbox360. XBL account is the same as my name: LincOfHyrule
#4 Posted by Quick-Silver89 (25 posts) -

sorry bro im on ps3 i would have duped it for you 

#5 Posted by LincOfHyrule (3 posts) -
No worries, thanks for the offer though!
#6 Posted by Jake1980ffw (1 posts) -
playstation, looking to trade some weapons. Quicksilver if you are still reading these posts add me please. psn : Jasonff7
#7 Posted by PapaGhosty (90 posts) -

I could dupe one for ya. Soldier heads or the Legendary soldier would definitely help your chances though.