PS3- Wanted trade dupe: Conference call Lvl 50

#1 Posted by thrashcanman (2 posts) -

Could someone please dupe me a conference call lvl 50? I've been killing The Warrior for days, and not getting it.

If someone can, i can offer the Impaler shield (lvl 50), The Bee (lvl 49) or Proactive Yellow Jacket (lvl 49)

Please add me on PS3, Name: Mictlan_Tecuhtli

I'm usally on betwen 16.00 - 20.00 GMT



#2 Posted by parasight9 (4 posts) -
im in the same boat can someone friend me on ps3 names parasight9 i need conf. call and bee shield. thanks
#3 Posted by thrashcanman (2 posts) -

I can dupe you The Bee (lvl 49) if you want. Just add me.

Name : Mictlan_Tecuhtli

#4 Posted by inseter (858 posts) -

Same exact thing here.  For legendaries I can give: Slagga (50), Hellfire (50), Lyuda (48), The Bee (48), and Pandemic (46).

My PSN id should be in my sig, but if it doesn't show for some reason: RealShrimpBoat

#6 Posted by Samara555 (3 posts) -
can dupe the Practical Conference Call with shock element if you all still need one.
#7 Posted by Breidar (2 posts) -
you still got it?