Need Blood of Terramorphous PSN

#1 Posted by OfficeCasual (11 posts) -
I'm willing to trade/duplicate a Conference Call, Hide of Terramorphous, Pitchfork, Unkempt Herald, Breath of Terramorphous, etc for anyone on PSN who has the Blood of Terramorphous. PSN: OfficeCasual
#2 Posted by WingDings5 (24 posts) -
i will give you 20m if you duplicate me a conference call
#3 Posted by OfficeCasual (11 posts) -
Maxed on money, Blood or bust
#4 Posted by WingDings5 (24 posts) -
ive kiled warrior 300+ times now and still havent got it, if you could please dupe me the conference call i would be extreemly grateful
#5 Posted by OfficeCasual (11 posts) -
What's your PSN then? And are there any other rares that you could possibly offer?
#6 Posted by WingDings5 (24 posts) -
my psn in jc23football, i have 2 etec lvl 50 snipers, a etec corrosive smg lvl 50, i have a lvl 50 maggie with a gunstock, 4 purple relics, 2 assassin slayer of terramorphus, 1 commando slayer of terramorphus, 2 purple assassins mods
#7 Posted by WingDings5 (24 posts) -
just got another orange assassin and zerker mod, another purple mod and i got the pink skin for getting 15 legendary's if you dont have that yet