Need a team to beat Hyperius the invincible...add me

#1 Posted by kirkie61 (4 posts) -
I have two guys on right now but we just can't seem to beat him. Add me and jump on if you can. kirkie61
#2 Posted by jenbeckler (29 posts) -
I have a siren and can make one of you invincible if you're not against that...hah. The other thing I can recommend doing it the legit way would be using Tediore Baby Makers with a Tediore or SMG relic to up the damage, and the Bee sheild (if you can run fast before he does his blast). I can join if you want, just message me back!
#3 Posted by iins4niity (4 posts) -
you still need help with this? if so send me an invite on 360: BcHs iiNS4NiiTY (2 "i"s in both places)
#4 Posted by Markuzy (1 posts) -
Are you on PC? I'm on PC and on post-Bee nerf. Level 50 Mechromancer ign: Markuzy