Looking for Rare Heads/Skins, willing to dupe/trade Orange 50's

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Specifically looking for:

Assassin Skins: Whiteout, Dark Knight.

Siren Head: Cold Steel

Siren Skin: All-Seeing Eye

Gunzerker Head: Boatmurderer

Gunzerker Skin: Flying Purple People Shooter

Commando Head: Bone Blinder (sp?)


Open to any rare skins/heads for any of the original 4 characters, but contact me if you have any of the ones listed above please!!!

I have Hellfire, CC, Bee, Bi*ch, Bonus Package, + lots more. 

GT: I c 3 b u r g z

send a message.

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Also looking for any L.50 bayonetted orange pistol (preferably a rare +100% melee) and/or L.50 Storm Front grenade mod. 


Willing to power level a bit using a level 50 with Tiny Tina method for any of those items.

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I have all of those and im willing to dupe it for you. I dont really need anything in return other than follow my page on here that would be much appreciated!

GT: Veteran TL