Looking for legendary siren class mod

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Could anyone give me a legendary siren class mod? I have a few rare stuff I can offer. im also interested in any rare grenades pearlescents- Lvl 51 hefty avenger lvl 51 nassty sawbar lvl 51 purging stalker lvl 51 derp tunguska lvl 51 barking storm Legendary- lvl 50 lucid hellfire lvl 50 slagga lvl 50 baby maker lvl 60 thunderball fists lvl 50 electric interfacer lvl 50 norfleet lvl 50 quasar lvl 50 fire bee lvl 52 legendary gunzerker lvl 50 legendary assasin
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I have a legendary Siren class mod and 2 grenade mods. Not sure if the nades are rare. Legendary Siren Class Mod Level Req:61 Cool-down rate: 40% Gun damage: 30% +5 Ward Skill +5 Accelerate Skill +5 Mind's Eye Skill +5 Flicker Skill +5 Foresight Skill -Increases your movement speed by 45% while using Phase-lock -''(Giggles) I'm really food at this.'' Rubberized Shock D-Negative Grenade Damage: 82632x7 Blast radius: 284 Fuse time: 0.3 Spawns 7 child grenades 41149 Electric damage Sticky Longbow Incendiary D-Negative Grenade Damage: 82362x6 Blast radius:284 Fuse time: 1.7 Spawns 6 child grenades 44953 burn damage per sec Both the Grenade Mods require Campaign Of Carnage
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Hey man those are awesome! Can I get them? Or at least the class mod?
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Sure. Do you have a CC or Bee shield? Lvl 50 :3
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Yea I have a Bee shield lvl 50
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I can trade ya class mod for the shield.
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cool man. add my gamertag: Destructive DrD
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LOL, I'm on psn XD.
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if someone would be willing to dupe me a legendary siren mod i'd absolutely love it as well. ive got a bee shield, conference call, trickshot maggie, infinity pistol, and a bunch of other stuff if anyone wants to trade. I'm also desperately looking for a shock infinity pistol if anyone has it PSN: GoOnJustSayIt