Looking for (Legendary Mechromancer Class Mod)

#1 Posted by ZankokuNoYami (42 posts) -

Is anyone willing to dupe? I REALLY want this to help me make the best mechromancer I can.

I have to trade/dupe:
Conference Call Lvl50 (Normalx7, Corrosivex7, Burn and Eletric)
The Bee Lvl50
Consummate Hellfire Lvl50
I have a number of other level 50 golds, just cannot remember them all right now (since I am away from the game for another 4 hours or so).

Gamertag: zankoku no yami (with spaces)

Shoot me a message. I am usually on late at night, but if you have a particular schedule yourself, let me know so I can try to be on.

Thanks in advance!

#2 Posted by adtastic87 (6 posts) -
Hey, I am also looking for that mod. I was wondering if you ever got ahold of one? I see no one responded to your thread, no one responded to mine either. But I have a ton of orange items I am willing to dupe for that mod
#3 Posted by jenbeckler (29 posts) -

You on Xbox or?