LF Practicable Projectile Diversification (Shock)

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It's a purple hyperion shotgun What I Have To Trade Pistols Binary Thunderball Fist Punctilious Thunderball Fist Two Fer Maggie Vengeful Infinity (Fire,Shock,Corrosie, Non-Elemental) Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold Binary Little Evie Redundant Lady Fist Hard Pocket Rocket Redundant Fibber (Fire, Shock, Corrosive, Slag, Non-Elemental) SMGS Cutting Edge **** Analytical **** (Fire, Non-Elemental) Consummate Hellfire Deft Emperor Murduring Slagga Brisk Baby Maker Social Plasma Caster (Slag) Corporate Plasma Caster (Shock) Stopping Sandhawk ( Fire, Shock, Non-Elemental) Assault Rifles Ferocious Shredifier (Fire, Shock) Rabid Shredifier (Corrosive) Severe Shredifier Feral Veruc (Slag) Breach Veruc (Fire, Corrosive) Deep Veruc (Shock) Patrol Veruc Deep Blaster (Shock) Onslaught Blaster (Fire) Shotguns Practicable Conference Call (Shock, Corrosive, Fire, Non-Elemental) Critical Conference Call (Slag) Rustler Striker Sledges Shotgun Sledges Shotgun x14 (Corrosive) Potent Flakker Extra Large Deliverance (Fire) Critical Slow Hand (Shock) Practicable Slow Hand (Fire) Doc's Quad Well Kept Quad Thre Dog Fire Fire Teeth of Terramorphous Miss Moxxi's Heart Breaker Rockets Puissant Norfleet (Shock) Pertinent Norfleet (Corrosive) Big Badaboom Deep a Nukem Plenteous Pyrophobia (Fire) Partisan Topneaa (Corrosive) Snipers Venture Invader (Fire, Shock, Non-Elemental) Cohesion Invader (Slag) Night Pitchfork (Fire, Shock, Non-Elemental) Barking Volcano Gentleman's Volcano Klook Skullsmasher Tumtum Skullsmasher Dobby White Death Auditing Hybridfication (Fire) Barking Railer (Fire) Skookum Cobra Tumtum Trespasser Monstrous Pimpernel (Fire) Sublime Pimpernel (Shock) Grenades Sticky Lobbed Quasar Longbow Storm Front Rubberized Pandemic Rolling Thunder Explosive Fastball Corrosive Nasty Surprise Lobbed Breath of Terramorphous Shields The Bee (Alkaline, Grounded) The Cradle The Sham Neogenator Blackhole Flame of the Firehawk The Transformer Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Class Mods Legendary Berserker (Cooldown Rate +39%, Fire Rate +23%, Melee Damage +35%) Legendary Mechromancer (30% Cooldown) Deadly Sniper Mod (Sniper Gun Damage +35%, Sniper Critical Damage +35%, 5/4/4) Grand Titan Mod (Health Regeneration +229.9, Gun Damage +38%, Shield Capacity -5048, 5/4/4) Rugged Infiltrator Mod (Fire Rate +26%, Melee +33%, 5/4/4) Heavy Gunner Mod (Team Fire Rate +25%, 5/4/4) Assault Rifleman Mod (Assault Rifle Magazine Size +40%, Assault Rifle Damage +30%, 5/4/4) Unstoppable Pointman Mod (Health Regeneration +270.4, Max Health +9015, 5/4/4) Impact Grenadier Mod (Grenade Damage +30%, Explosive Damage Resist +24% 5/4/4) Vengeful Renegade Mod (Pistol Gun Damage +40%, Pistol Accuracy -13%, 5/4/4) Auspicious Raider Mod (Assault Rifle Accuracy +44%, Shield Capacity -3606, 5/4/4) Unhinged Berserker Mod (Cooldown Rate 34%, 5/4/4) Armored Titan Mod (Health Regeneration +229.9, Gun Damage +38%, Shield Capacity -4327, 5/4/4) Hulking Tank Mod (Shield Capacity +11178, Shield Recharge Rate +36%, 5/4/4) Merciful Nurse Mod (Team Health Regeneration +214.1, 5/4/4) Leeching Matriarch Mod (Max Health +7212, Magazine Size +36% 5/4/4) Blurred Trickster Mod (Fire Rate +25%, 5/4/4) Ionized Catalyst Mod (Team Elemental Damage +39%, 5/4/4) Superior Punk (Fire Rate +20%, Magazine Size -21%, 5/4/4) Calculating Technophile Mod (Shield Capacity +3606, Shield Recharge Rate +30% 5/4/4) Swift Anarchist Mod (Gun Damage +30%, Weapon Accuracy -34%, 5/4/4) Ionized Catalyst Mod (Team Elemental Damge +40%, +6 Shock Storm/+5 Evil Enchantress) Improved Jill of All Trades Mod (Assault Rifle Gun Damage, Assault Rifle Magazine Size +37%, +6 The Better Half/+5 Smaller Lighter Faster Blurred Trickster Mod (Fire Rate +25%, +6 Chain Reaction/+5 Kinetic Reflection) Disturbed Stalker Mod (Pistol Fire Rate +24%, Pistol Magazine Size +36%, Shield Recharge Rate +31%, +6 Rising Sh0t/5 F0ll0w Thr0ugh) Impact Grenadier Mod (Grenade Damage +33%, Explosive Damage Resist +26%, +6 Impact/+5 Grenadier) Wild Cat Mod (SMG Gun Damage 94%, SMG Accuracy -26%, +6 Accelerate/+5 Wreck) Scheming Warder Mod (Shield Capacity +10096, +6 Wreck, +5 Recompense) The Professional Mod (Reload Speed +27%, Shield Capacity +7572, +6 Killer/+5 Tw0 Fang) The Killer Mod (Team Critical Damage +40%, +6 Killer/+5 Ambush) Auspicious Raider Mod (Assault Riffle Accuracy +44%, Shield Capacity -2885, +6 Money Shot/+5 Incite) Pragmatic Devastator Mod (Team Magazine Size +40%, +6 Divergent Likeness/+5 Filled To The Brim) Contemptible Spy Mod (Cooldown Rate 13%, +6 Ambush/+5 Vel0city) One Shot Sniper Mod (Sniper Rifle Gun Damage +32%, Sniper Rifle Critical Damage, +6 0ne Sh0t 0ne Kill/+5 Headsh0t