in need of a shield

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anyone have a shield to spare a good one please add me gamertag is killshot619

#2 Posted by jenbeckler (29 posts) -

Was there a need to post 5 topics about needing a shield within minutes of each other? Lol

#3 Posted by Killshot619 (140 posts) -

i dont know why it did that. i tried to post once but it gave me a error and then another error  so i did not think it was working sorry about that

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Lol, no worries. Did you ever get a sheild? Also what level you looking for? I can hook you up with stuff but it's mostly level 50 things. Just let me know.

#5 Posted by Killshot619 (140 posts) -

No still looking for a good one I'm level 50 tag is killshot619