Hyperius the invincible. help please

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ive tried this multiple times and still can't do it, be very grateful for any help i could get please. Also any ideas and tips would be nice too.
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also, this is on xbox 360 and i am a lvl 50 commando with both an infinity pistol and a tediore reloading smg. Still hard as crap
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its almost impossible to do by yourself. Look for a healing siren with a team health regen mod and in the harmony skill tree. While youre fighting Hyperius your siren can hide behind the pipe to the left of the exit. before the match hide behind the pipe too but on top of the other person(the pipe is only big enough for one person to hide behind) then shoot him to intiate battle. Wait until the second explosion he does to come out from behind pipe. Use your infinity pistol to take down loaders and your turret as a distraction, leave one loader alive because Hyperius is too hard by himself.When he is unshielded use your babymaker to do the most damage, dont bother when the shield is up or youll just be wasting bullets. Use the bee shield for max damage and the conference call is a good backup. if your ever down the siren can use their revive skill and restoration to heal your health. Rinse and repeat :)
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If anyone needs a siren I can totally do the afore mentioned ^ :) 


Xbox JenMeister07 

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I can help you beat him easily, message me. He is easy to solo with a Gunzerker. I can explain how and/or show you if you like.