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Kinda taken from fallout a bit, but meh this is kind of a joke anyways. As i way playing borderlands one i was always wanted there to be a bazooka that you can just shove all your crappy guns you find in there and just fire them away and unload on enemies, should be in borderlands 2 i think. Guns firing guns, so you can gun wihle you gun, gunception. 



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If I remember correctly, they have already introduced a similar idea, (though not quite the same) as some of the guns can be thrown at enemy when out of ammo to explode and cause damage. The more ammo remaining in the clip, the more damage. :)

Not quite as amusing as a pile of random weapons smacking an NPC in the face, but a similar concept of getting rid of guns. :)


P.s. When you say Fallout. Are you talking about that cannon that could fire bits of rubbish like teddy bears at the enemy?

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I was, the rock-it-laucher i believe they called it.

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Yeah that was the name I remember because I used it once.

Not sure how that might work in borderlands you can't hold as much stuff.

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I want a gun that shoot sticky white foam on your enemies. If they get covered in it. They start to get big (expand). After that theyy'll bedepressed with their lives. 

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Your idea is bad and you should feel bad!
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And your post is unoriginal. Go back to 9gag dude, the only place where memes are considered funny.