Few things I don't like

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First of all I want to say that I love Borderlands 2but there are few thing that I dont like:

-2 DLCs and few update later and still I dont see a way to increase the storage space in the safe in Sanctuary and the ammo capacity making so far the eridium useless. Why not 12 pieces of eridium for 2 extra space in the safe, 20 for and x amount of  extra ammo capacity.

-I like the skins and the heads but what I dont like is that I cannot personalize the hair color, it change with the skin. Why not give us the choice to select the hair color.

-Blue loot is very rare compare to Borderlands 1. I kill many unique enemies and very rarely I got a blue loot. Also it is rare to find it in chests.

-Dahl sniper rifle please 2 shot burst.