Dup'ing legendarys for legendarys I do not have. (dup for dup)

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I am duplicating these items: Mods: -Legendary assassin mod (Legendary Hunter) -Legendary Mechromancer mod -Legendary Commando mod Mods I am looking for (dup for dup) -Legendary Siren mod -Legendary Gunzerker mod Weapons/ Grenades/ Shields: (Legendary's ALL lvl 50) A bunch.... Don't know all of them by name... but I have quite a lot. (I have Bee shield) Heads/ Skins I am looking for: XXX mechro head (top item I am wanting right now) All-Seeing Eye skin for Siren (or all other classes) STEAM ID: [TW]Neptali
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GT is Savage Redeemer, add me and we'll see whats what.