Defeating Hyperius /Need baby maker

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I am sorry for making another post about this, I am sure there are many of these posts on the forum, but the ones i have went to have not helped me so i figured I would make my own. I am trying to kill hyperius, I went to youtube and there are a bunch of videos regarding the baby maker. Basically if anyone can help me with these basic questions (PS I am a 50 commando) 1. Why is my madam von bartlesby level 42 and not 52? ( I am level 50 and beat both the stories) 2. Can anyone dupe the right Baby Maker for me? I have two of them but they are not the ones i need. 3. Can anyone dupe the tediore relic for me? 4. If anyone has the best conference call and the best bee shield could you also dupe that for me? I have the 55K Bee and the Critical Conference, but i believe there are better ones. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me with this. Xbox 360.