Clap Trap is the Jar Jar binks of gaming

#1 Posted by vishisluv7 (480 posts) -

Why can't I find the way to mute this character without muting all NPCs?

Please tell me there is a way. I want to punch my screen wirthin 30 seconds of playing it's seriously annoying. Every couple seconds "Come on!" "this way!!" or some other crap over and over. I can't even escape it in pause for christ sake.

I stand still to check a weapon and he just fricking nags non stop, lol.

#2 Posted by StarlightHunter (2451 posts) -

blasphemy. clap trap is a ****ing beast.

#3 Posted by vishisluv7 (480 posts) -

Haha, yeah. He nearly put me off the game, I didn't want to mute, but I do when he is around.