Borderlands 2 single player play needs serious fixing

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Any1 agree with this article ? I do. This game needs to get better as a single player game if they are going to include it. I don't like enemies glitching and being stuck on things and then not even fighting back when stuck. The guy had a gun in his hand and did nothing with it while shouting at me that he was going to kill me or whatever. I also did not like how good game play to make sure you win for single player was basically you taking cover and firing bullets forever to kill one or two guys who btw are wearing armor that is just way too strong which makes the fighting take way too long. Longer combat is ok if it is fun but not what happened with my 1p experience with Borderlands 2. I also found with some areas I could stay outside a base and pick the enemy off one by one as the AI wasn't smart enough to come out and surround and swarm me.

Single player Borderlands 2 has quite alot of fail in it. Hopefully things can be patched to fix this but hopefully if there is a Borderlands 3 they will address single player play.