Borderlands 2 is best shooter game at VGA 10

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They chosed wisely for that award. 

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Yeah. This is the only series that I can think of that I could play sequel after sequel without being bored. That's rare for me. Usually by the third game, even though I loved the first two I have no interest.
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Also the ONLY game I have ever bought all DLC for, and will continue to do so. Even fallout 3 I only got the one that boosted level cap.

There is a really cool feeling with the borderlands DLC. It is hard to explain, each just has their own fresh nice awesome feel.

Plus, the vanilla game itself is so long and fun, that itself more than makes up for the cost of DLC. Let alone you get hours and hours more from the DLC.

Its another skyrim deal :D Get like 50+ hours of a $60 purchase, don't know what else you could do that with. You get so many hours out of the game the cost of DLC is negated imo :D

It is also the only series where I not only do some of the sidequests, but I do every single one.